The main advantage of air transportation of pets is the speed of delivery when traveling long distances. Transportation of pets by plane is organized by experienced specialists of our services, who help clients in preparing the necessary documentation, select the best route for different types of transportation and create comfortable conditions for transporting tailed passengers.
  • Pets transportation in the cabin with a courier
    Transportation of pets on an airplane is a special service that is ordered when buying air tickets. You do not need to purchase a separate boarding pass for your pet, but you do need to pay for transportation. Whether you can bring your pet into the cabin depends on its weight and size, as well as the rules of the carrier and the laws of the country you are traveling to.
  • When choosing to transport animals on an airplane
    Even people do not always tolerate air travel well, and cats and dogs are even more sensitive to pressure drops and noise. Therefore, if it is possible to bring a pet to its destination by other transport, it is better not to create additional stress for it. However, sometimes such transport is the best solution.
  • Requirements for transporting animals in the cabin
    The requirements for transporting animals in the cabin of an aircraft vary by airline. Therefore, it is important to contact our services in advance and agree on the conditions, flight rules, so that there is no conflict at the time of check-in for the flight. There is a veterinary service at the airports, you can ask her what documents the pet needs. Usually the list is limited to a veterinary passport with marks of vaccinations and microchipping. Please note that for the transportation of a pet on international routes, the rabies vaccination must be done at least one month before the date of transportation. To save you from running around the authorities, the employees of our services will prepare all the necessary documents for transportation in advance.
  • Dogs and cats travel in a suitable size and weight container. The bottom of the container should not allow moisture to pass through, it should be covered with a diaper that absorbs liquids. It is necessary to provide the pet not only with an influx of fresh air, but also with the opportunity to stand on its paws inside the container - the carrying should not be tight. It is allowed to take an animal weighing no more than 8 kg into the cabin, large dogs and cats must be transported in the luggage compartment.
    The WORLD PETS DELIVERY service together with AVIACAT organizes the transportation of your pets in aircraft all over the world. We will prepare all the necessary documents for transportation and the pet for the flight, we will provide it with everything necessary in the air. Air delivery by courier is carried out on several routes: Turkey, USA, Europe. Turkey, USA, Europe. Find out about the opening of new routes and the possibility of sending in the news of our website, or on our telegram channels.
If you are going to transport an animal over long distances, you will need a whole list of documents: from a veterinary passport to an import / export permit to another country. In addition, in some cases, you can not do without a vaccination certificate, or titers ...
Carrying will also be required, because the fluffy traveler will not walk around the vehicle on his own. And you also need to take care of food along the way.
It's just impossible to keep it all in your head! Therefore, it is better to shift the worries onto the shoulders of a reliable assistant, for example, contact our services.

Cargo transportation of animals (unaccompanied)
WORLD PETS DELIVERY service organizes unaccompanied pet transportation by air on different routes at affordable prices. For sending pets, specially equipped compartments are used in which the animals will feel comfortable and will be able to avoid hypothermia and injury from the cargo.
  • TIME
    You do not need to spend time preparing and processing documents at the airport. Service managers will do everything for you: they will select a route, quickly issue all the necessary transport, veterinary and customs documents and send your pet.
    We approach each order individually, taking into account the wishes of the sender and recipient.
    Сотрудничество с брокерами разных стран позволяет быстро наблюдать за животными по прилету.
information changes every hour. to book a shipment, please contact us through the available channels.
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